Thursday, April 20, 2017

Entertaining New Offers: Technical Writer/Analyst/Auditor

Kathleen Boston McCune 

2601 S. 30th Street · Kansas City, KS 66106 · 

 ·  cell 913.709.4128

Senior Financial Analyst/Tech Writer

Proven results as Auditor/Financial Analyst with a demonstrated track record of leading analysis and zeroing in on recommended priorities for Management, while insuring data in place (online) is accurate. Success in driving efficiency and productivity through evaluation of financial management systems and implementation of process improvements. Creative leader directing highly skilled financial management teams to support achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives. Core competencies include:
·      Accounting Management
·      Financial Analysis
·      Forecasting
·      GAAP
·      Cash Management
·      Budgeting
·      Cost Reductions
·      CAFR
·      Technology Integration/Upgrades
·      Regulatory Compliance
·      Efficiency Improvements

Computer Software Familiarity

Microsoft- Works: all, including AGI, MTS, Excel Power Point and Vista, also: ACCESS, ERP, PDF (ADOBE Acrobat), PeopleSoft(JDE), VISIO, SQL, SAP, SAS, QuickBooks thru 2013, Great Plains, Peachtree, EPerfect,   ECommerce, ADP, Oracle, Paychex, and Cloud.


BBA, Washburn University – Topeka, Kansas Majors: Accounting/Business Adm.: 3.8GPA
Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology-100% accuracy
Cost Principals & Grants Management Certificates-Federal Training

Consulting and Realtor for 16 years

Six Months

IBM, Springfield, Illinois Contracted through Robert Half

Financial Analyst

Successfully cleaned up a three-year-old federal audit situation in only 6 months which included reorganizing all accounts on the A/R side (IBM clients) reallocating their payments appropriately and when finished, meeting with the CEOs of mega firms such as: Illinois Power, Illinois Bell, Illinois Dept. of Labor, Illinois Dept. of Transportation and other large business entities, explaining cogently how their accounts were now in balance. I requested a Desk Audit and received an A+ for the work.  Asked to become a Manager at IBM, I declined due to my new husband’s career taking us in another direction. Boss: Patricia Barrios

One Year

EDS, Federal (Ross Perot’s firm)


As part of the team for testing and designing potential fraud scenarios for new software it was incumbent upon me for implementation of that software (used until recently) in Kansas for the Medicaid and Medicare Crossover Claims.  After testing and setting up the shop my position was as Manager for the front end, assuring only “clean” claims crossed to the data input area and that all claims had the encoding necessary for timely processing and accurate tracking for potential fraud.  Our team held the record for years for being the first on-line for finding fraud on the first day with an accuracy ratio of 100%.

Feb 2004 – Ongoing for Time Saver Handyman, O.P., KS (part-time)

Web Page Designer/Template Designer for several small businesses: Timesaver Construction and Tom The Taper

·     Designed 8 Web Pages with History of Business, Scope of work possible, Before & After examples, Method for Reaching the Business and feedback/questions page.
·        When staff is on vacation: preparation of estimates and correspondence with government offices.
·        For another business over last 18 years: Kept records of expenditures and income for Tom the Taper and EOY Tax Preparation.  (Both firms doubled their volume of work and income with advertisements on the web.)

Apr 2016 – Jul 2016

UMB, Financial District, Downtown KCMO

Technical Writer
After upgrade of security software, contracted to set up User/Training Manuals within International Wire Investments Section for 6 associates to include embedded data and referenced materials for internal use and then put onto Cloud.

Jun 2014 – November, 2015

Raftelis Financial Consulting, Inc.

Financial Technical Writer
  Wrote three sections of Proposal for San Antonio’s Water System.
    For St. Louis Mo. Sewer District: Set up and produced Proposal for wastewater and storm water change in financing .  Produced graphs revealing historical storm and waste water usage in relation to funding.
   Provided ten variations of Proposal for each Reviewing team and political entity within the St. Louis MSD.

Oct 2012 -- May 2013

MACProcess Inc. now Schenck AccuRate

Senior Financial Analyst
By Contract for Richard Smith, Director for Accounts Receivable: Assisted Management within A/R in implementation between Oracle and SAP in the KCMO operation to capture all incoming monies. 

Feb 2009 – Feb 2010

ACF of HHS for Federal Government, Region VII.

Fiscal Operations Specialist
·        Updated Fiscal Reporting for the Foster Care and Adoption Assistance for the four States: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Created Reports for Quarterly expenditures from each State within Region VII.
·        Verified Administration costs of third party entities/auditing same
·        Externally Audited & Financial Lead for Federal IV-E (Foster Care and Adoption Assistance) monies-Bi-annually.
·        Pilot Team Lead-Financial extrapolation of Administrative Cost Review in Iowa w/100% accuracy verified.
·        External audit of Peer Reviews Program in Iowa’s Transition program for youth services.

Feb 2006 – Feb 2009

Azteka Mobile: through Robert Half

Financial Analyst/Bookkeeper
·             Set up books for new firm on Quickbooks including 12 bank accounts, all vendors, all clients, and sales stats.
·             Maintained books, bank accounts and incoming orders, assigning appropriately.

Feb 2005 – Feb 2006

JMA Chartered

Internal Auditor
·        Audited three Private firms: architectural and engineering
·        Audited three programs for local government with federal matching monies including contracts by 3rd parties.
·        Wrote up audit results and presented them to my boss and the person in charge of the internal audit for each assignment.

Sept 2004 -- Jan 2005

County Government (Johnson County)

Research Analyst/Financial Analyst/Reconciliation Analyst
·        Audited A/P desk for possible fraud
·        Reconciliation of A/P desk for Register of Deeds Office
·        Set up new desk user/training manual to include GAAP for future potential fraud
·        Trained new personnel and included new software Peoplesoft.

Nov 2003 -- Sept 2004

GE/ERC (now SwissRe)

Research Analyst
Job:  to determine any liability from recent purchase of four smaller reinsurance firms:
·        Set up Spreadsheet configuration required to garner all possible information concisely for contract management of liabilities covered.
·        Oversaw staff of two for assistance in finding all data available.
·        Solely input the data into the SAS system for Administration to pull data by category


Sep 2001 – Nov 2002


Sr Financial Analyst/Reconciliation Analyst
·        Acted as Intermediary between Sprint and the Vendors affected by the change in methodology and software Peoplesoft.
·         Educated all Vendors and Buyers of the new system and methodology to include no specific Sales person to call their own.
·        Retrieved all monies Vendors were retaining until they were satisfied of system

Sep 1989 – Sep 1996

City Government: Kansas City, Kansas

Senior Financial Analyst (prior to combining w/WyCo)
·        Updating and Organizing Bond/Note Department.
·         Audited   A/P, A/R, calculating potential arbitrage to determine whether or not the City was earning more than it was paying to hold notes for roads and other infrastructure. Proved none existed, which when tested by outside audit firm (costing KCK $100,000) my record was 100% accurate.
·         Balanced bank accounts for the Board of Public Utilities and set up the files for all notes and bonds held by the City.
·         Audited the files of the Health Care Benefits Manager in realigning changes and implementing new data into the updated system to accommodate ERISA.

Jun 1981 – Jun 1989

Louisiana Legislature

Senior Financial Analyst
Successfully served at the pleasure of the 105 Representatives w/direct responsibility for a $3 billion budget that included all Health and Hospital Services for the State of Louisiana.
·        Regular appearances before the media were part of this positions’ requirement with explanations for line-item expenditures by program.
·        Drafted new law for Legislators.
·        Sat on Appropriations and Health Committees for all hearings, explaining potential changes in law or how to effect changes requested by elected officials.
·        Modeled budgets for the Health Services for the +$3 billion budget.

·        Special Project: Researched, analyzed and presented before Education Committee the cost and potential fiscal risks in a Voucher System for funding education throughout the State of Louisiana.

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